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Toothpaste? Why do people squeeze in the middle?

By Sheila . Created on 14 Jan, 2020
Squeezing toothpaste. Why do people (including my hubby) squeeze from the middle.
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I wish I knew!?

I wish I knew!?



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I wish I knew!?
cj said 1 day ago
I squeeze from the end and roll the end up
DA said 1 day ago
Because they think the paste comes out quicker. but it becomes a hassle after wards. I personally do not squeeze in the middle of a tooth paste tube.
I wish I knew!?
som3thingpurpl3 said 2 days ago
because they're inconsiderate and ignorant
I wish I knew!?
Toni said 3 days ago
Because they are lazy!!
I wish I knew!?
TheNameIsThomas said 3 days ago
Bottom squeezy gang
Lynda said 3 days ago
Pure laziness :)
I wish I knew!?
Debra said 3 days ago
Just habit, but when the tube is getting empty we then squeeze the remaining from the bottom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anne said 3 days ago
I always squeeze from the bottom