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Travel across your country or Overseas?

By Anonymous . Created on 12 Oct, 2019
Travel and Tourism 261 votes | 24 Comments
Travel across your country

Travel across your country



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Vicki said on Nov 2, 2019
I have traveled a lot of Australia, so really enjoy going on a cruise, these days. So much more comfortable and easier.
Michael said on Oct 25, 2019
Why can't we do both - I have just spent 2 weeks driving around country New South Wales, but my next holiday is overseas.
Samantha Slacek said on Oct 24, 2019
My plan is to travel international while im young and when im older ill explore my home so if it gets to much i can just drive home.
Travel across your country
Belinda said on Oct 23, 2019
Least I know my luggage won't get rigged!! 😂🤣
Dot said on Oct 20, 2019
I think we all should go overseas to appreciate what we have here in Australia , we do not have age old buildings and such but we have the most beautiful country
Travel across your country
bee said on Oct 19, 2019
australia love the beaches and islands
Anonymous said on Oct 19, 2019
The only place I have been to outside of Australia is Hawaii.
I was not a fan.
I don’t like the quality of their food and the people were not as friendly as Aussies.
I would rather explore Australia however it is ridiculous that travel costs within Australia are way more expensive then travelling oversea...
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Travel across your country
Terrence said on Oct 19, 2019
Both? I’ve been over seas but I’ve also travelled a fair chunk of our beautiful country side too