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Trump or Obama

By Adriana Smith . Created on 10 Jul, 2018
Who do you think is the best USA president
Current Affairs 334 votes | 35 Comments




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Bruce said a week ago
Trump's got balls!
Mary said 4 weeks ago
Julie said 4 weeks ago
Again there should be an OTHER selection as there are many presidents why just put these 2 in the vote. They both have good and bad points but what are the reasoning behind their decisions and why is there only bad things published??
Anonymous said 4 weeks ago
I’m really tpretty life and is what you
Allira Rose said on Jul 19, 2018
Bradley said on Jul 17, 2018
I am not usually 1 for politics but when it comes to saying who was better I have to say Obama as Trump is only concerned in his own B.S & cares little for anything but himself & making money. Trump should be impeached & thrown off the face of the earth, he's a racist biggot.
Jane said on Jul 17, 2018
Obama - Trump is an embarrassment to America and the world.
mustang6000 said on Jul 17, 2018
Trump has to be the worst President the US has ever elected. His only interests is in what he can get out of it for himself and his cronies.