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Trump or Obama

By Adriana Smith . Created on 10 Jul, 2018
Who do you think is the best USA president
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Pete said 3 weeks ago
Obama the smooth talking idiot who got nothing done for America and was loved because he was black and a soy boy like Justine Trudeau. Trump gets stuff done like him or hate him he has made American jobs and the economy soar. Obama was a traitor and a joke as a man as was his HUGE 'wife!'
Julie said on Oct 31, 2018
it was voted on already get over it!!! Obama didn't even run for a 2nd term DER!!!
Maricor said on Sep 2, 2018
Anonymous said on Aug 23, 2018
Anonymous said on Aug 5, 2018
Trump's got balls!
Mary said on Jul 26, 2018
Julie said on Jul 25, 2018
Again there should be an OTHER selection as there are many presidents why just put these 2 in the vote. They both have good and bad points but what are the reasoning behind their decisions and why is there only bad things published??
Anonymous said on Jul 25, 2018
I’m really tpretty life and is what you