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'twenty eighteen' or 'two thousand and eighteen'?

By Phileppa . Created on 05 Dec, 2018
I don't understand why people are saying 'two thousand and eighteen' and not 'twenty eighteen' when we never said 'one thousand nine hundred and ... (etc) ' because we always said 'nineteen... (etc)'. It's really unnecessarily long winded!
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Twenty eighteen or

Twenty eighteen or

Two thousand and eighteen?

Two thousand and eighteen?

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Two thousand and eighteen?
Anonymous said on Dec 16, 2018
No particular reason - but two thousand and eighteen, to me, sounds better
Mikayla said on Dec 15, 2018
2 thousand and 18
Phileppa said on Dec 15, 2018
The way it's spoken, not the way it's written...
Twenty eighteen or
Bergy said on Dec 10, 2018
Twenty eighteen or
Bev said on Dec 8, 2018
I had never given it a thought before