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Twix or Twirl

By KeenSurveyTaker . Created on 01 Aug, 2019
Do you prefer Twix Chocolate bar or Twirl Chocolate bar? O
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debs2101 said 5 days ago
I love twirl bars as they are like a flake and real easy on my teeth. With the twix the chocolate is alot harder and the caramel gets stuck in my teeth
KeenSurveyTaker said 5 days ago
Fair enough, good summation of the question. :-)
Sandra said 7 days ago
Twix because of the lovely gooey caramel
Retiree said a week ago
Both way too full of sugar and other nasties! Very inappropriate question.
KeenSurveyTaker said a week ago
Well I don’t really eat them either but it’s okay occasionally, it’s a good poll question I felt as chocolate bars are widely consumed, to class
It as in appropriate is way too harsh in my opinion.
Philby said 3 weeks ago
Twirl, like a chocolate coated flake
Des said 3 weeks ago
The both yummy
Steven said 3 weeks ago
love the flakey chocolate centre
Thedonsway said 3 weeks ago
Twirl is just a chocolate coated Flake. Twix is different from most other Chocolate bars.
adzzy said 3 weeks ago
Mmmmm chocolate 🤤🤤