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Twix or Twirl

By KeenSurveyTaker . Created on 01 Aug, 2019
Do you prefer Twix Chocolate bar or Twirl Chocolate bar? O
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Dianne said on Sep 5, 2019
Like my choc separate to biscuits
ROBBO said on Sep 4, 2019
Judy said on Aug 29, 2019
Has to be twirl, not fussed on biscuits in a chocolate
Janis said on Aug 27, 2019
Twirl are an indulgence in chocolate.
Twix are for kids.
debs2101 said on Aug 19, 2019
I love twirl bars as they are like a flake and real easy on my teeth. With the twix the chocolate is alot harder and the caramel gets stuck in my teeth
KeenSurveyTaker said on Aug 19, 2019
Fair enough, good summation of the question. :-)
Sandra said on Aug 17, 2019
Twix because of the lovely gooey caramel
Retiree said on Aug 12, 2019
Both way too full of sugar and other nasties! Very inappropriate question.
KeenSurveyTaker said on Aug 12, 2019
Well I don’t really eat them either but it’s okay occasionally, it’s a good poll question I felt as chocolate bars are widely consumed, to class
It as in appropriate is way too harsh in my opinion.
Anonymous said on Aug 8, 2019
Twirl, like a chocolate coated flake