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What dessert is better?

By Bibi . Created on 13 Jan, 2021
Gourmet and Going Out 100 votes | 10 Comments
Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins



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Baskin Robbins
Robyn said 6 days ago
Don’t know Gelare, but baskin Robbins is delious
Retiree said 7 days ago
what is the point of this?
Mrs said 6 days ago
I assume the writer of the question is interested to see how many share their tastes
Brooke Copland said a week ago
Can't buy either
Jannette65 said a week ago
never heard of eitherone,so no vote for me.
Patricia said a week ago
Never heard of Gelare, so I can't vote
JT said a week ago
my choice is non of the above coz i dont like the sugar hit..
Joyce said a week ago
I have heard of baskins and robbins, never heard of gelare. However, my choice of dessert would be cheesecake, thanks.
Mrs said a week ago
I'm with you.
Coleen said a week ago
Unknown brands to me.