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What do you love about your mum?

By MyView team . Created on 01 May, 2019
We’re celebrating mothers this May! Share a story about your mother for a chance to win 500 points (1 in 10 entries win. Entries open to MyView members only. Points will be awarded during the 1st week of June. Draw closes on the 31/05/19)
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Val said 5 minutes ago
My Mum really was the family Matriach. She led by example, worked tirelessly, helped everyone, listened well and loved all.
Glenys said an hour ago
My Mum was always kind and wise. She was never nasty to anyone but always helpful.
Trixi said an hour ago
Zoe said an hour ago
Everything, from her bringing me into this world, to giving me the childhood I had, being there for me in my teens, and now helping me into adulthood
Jacqui said 3 hours ago
always there for me no matter what!
Kazuyo said 4 hours ago
Amanda said 4 hours ago
What I love about my mum is her unconditional love and support! She’s always there when needed whether it be a shoulder to cry on, a big hug, a laugh, a chat or just a cuppa.
mac said 5 hours ago
Mum is mum. huge personality, engaging, caring, a friend and always got my back. She's genuine, laughs, cries and tells it how it really is.