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What do you love about your mum?

By MyView team . Created on 01 May, 2019
We’re celebrating mothers this May! Share a story about your mother for a chance to win 500 points (1 in 10 entries win. Entries open to MyView members only. Points will be awarded during the 1st week of June. Draw closes on the 31/05/19)
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Phoebe said an hour ago
My mum is an intelligent woman who cares about her family very much. I may not always see eye to eye with her, however i wouldnt ask for a better mum. She does a lot for me and i am very grateful to be able to call her my mum
Georgia said an hour ago
I live that my mum is a very strong hearted and caring person. She means the world to me. I don't know what I would do without her because she does a lot for me. She raised me brilliantly during my younger years and she is still raising me well. I still live with my mum because I don't think I could cope without her right by my side. She does everything for me and my sister and brother. I hope everyone els...
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Dale121 said 4 hours ago
My mum is most definitely the strongest person I know, the things she’s done for me growing up nobody else could ever much. She often goes without for us kids to get what we require
Fieryredhead83 said 1 day ago
My mother is honestly the strongest woman I know. She has battled cancer three times but it hasn’t dulled her spirits. She is still such a positive, uplifting woman. She is so loved.
Peter said 1 day ago
There's nothing she wouldn't do for me or my siblings She always puts her children first
Debbie said 1 day ago
My beautiful mum passed away last april and I miss her dearly. We loved going shopping together and doing jigsaw puzzles. I just really miss our chats as we used to talk at least once a day wether it be on the phone or we popped in to see each other.
Veronica said 1 day ago
It will be five years in August since my Mum passed away and I still miss her kindness, her ability to listen and to give great advice, her great sense of humour and her immense ability to love and to forgive.
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Suha said 1 day ago
everything about her because she is perfect from all aspects.