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What have you been swooped by Magpie or Plover?

By Trikyt . Created on 24 Sep, 2021
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Fiona said a week ago
Neither this year, yet. Have both breeding pairs near my house. Son was swooped by magpie yesterday.
Kerrie said a week ago
By both.
Joyce said a week ago
Many years ago we were having a day out at the park, the whole family. I must have got too close to a nest because a magpie came and grabbed my hair. That was the only time, I give them the space they want and need.
B J said 3 weeks ago
No, I give them the room they need to feel safe. Humans should respect that sometimes the animal or bird comes first
Keryn said 3 weeks ago
got to close to their nest my fault
SereneBee said 3 weeks ago
As a child Macleay Park was right behind our back fence and it was only plovers that swooped me and my siblings. But we soon learned to give them a wide berth~ Lately, neither would be my answer!
Jacki said 3 weeks ago
Its been a while since i was swooped
Simads said 3 weeks ago
Not being swooped by a bird at all