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What type of food container is better?

By Olivia . Created on 15 Jun, 2019
I would love to hear why?!
Gourmet and Going Out 159 votes | 6 Comments




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Speccyiiii said on Jun 21, 2019
Hygiene and less chance of cancer causing chemicals leaching into your food.
Sarah said on Jun 19, 2019
They are doing more and more research to make things better for humans
Anonymous said on Jun 18, 2019
Either As long as it’s got dated when made and when to be consumed by is safe.
Jay said on Jun 18, 2019
I'm still concerned that the plastic will melt over into the food and I'm still not convinced its better than glass
Wazza said on Jun 16, 2019
For me plastic it doesn't break if dropped. Not as heavy if your using it for lunch container.
Plus wouldn't want Tupperware to go out of business
Martin said on Jun 16, 2019
As long as it is not lead crystal