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When do you typically prefer to Shower?

By Andrea . Created on 19 Mar, 2020
Lifestyle 135 votes | 7 Comments
Mornings for me.

Mornings for me.

Definitely Nights.

Definitely Nights.

Anytime.  I don't really care.

Anytime. I don't really care.

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West Swan said 6 days ago
Anytime with a friend :-)
Mrs said a week ago
With my tounge firmly in my cheek I offer to give up showering to save water. Eww. Well maybe not for longer than 24hrs.
Mornings for me.
Muhittin said a week ago
Every morning after routine then afternoon straight after work.
Glenfaltyn said a week ago
On my sprinkler days
Anytime.  I don't really care.
Warren said a week ago
2 or 3 times in summer.
Anytime.  I don't really care.
Mr Stupid said a week ago
After my workouts, usually in the mornings but sometimes in the evenings as well.
Mornings for me.
Scott said a week ago
Prefer a bath