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When it comes to grass, which is preferred, Real or Fake?

By dwb77 . Created on 10 Sep, 2019
I myself have fake grass in the backyard. It's maintenance free, but the only issue I have is that you can not walk barefoot during hot days.
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Belinda said on Oct 23, 2019
Real love the way it feels between the toes..
Matthew said on Sep 26, 2019
Definitely real grass.
Tulia said on Sep 23, 2019
real grass to maintain the ecosystem!
Hans Proebsting said on Sep 15, 2019
Lawn is the highest water consuming crop on the planet. Better to plant native shrubs and grasses.
braunhi said on Sep 14, 2019
Real grass. As stated fake is very hot when walking on it.
Anonymous said on Sep 13, 2019
real for sure unless your allergic to grass
Tania said on Sep 13, 2019
nothing like the real stuff
Terrie said on Sep 12, 2019
definitely real