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When it comes to grass, which is preferred, Real or Fake?

By dwb77 . Created on 10 Sep, 2019
I myself have fake grass in the backyard. It's maintenance free, but the only issue I have is that you can not walk barefoot during hot days.
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Hans Proebsting said 3 days ago
Lawn is the highest water consuming crop on the planet. Better to plant native shrubs and grasses.
braunhi said 3 days ago
Real grass. As stated fake is very hot when walking on it.
Sarah Jane said 4 days ago
real for sure unless your allergic to grass
Tania said 5 days ago
nothing like the real stuff
Terrie said 5 days ago
definitely real
Marie said 5 days ago
There is actually some many benefits to having real grass including reducing the heat in your house by up to 8 degrees ..... and the smell of freshly mowed grass is an aphrodisiac
braunhi said 3 days ago
Thanks for this info. Did not know this. B.
Mr White said 7 days ago
as nothing beats the real feeling of naturalnessnessssssssssss
Save the Planet
Diane said 7 days ago
I have fake grass on my balcony, I can use the carpet sweeper to clean it, you cannot do that with real grass, it requires so much maintenance, not to mention a lot of water!