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When you write. Do you go for blue or black ink pens?

By Alexandria . Created on 14 Mar, 2019
I always go for blue. What colour pen do you prefer?
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Julie said 5 days ago
What ever is available near by
Glenda said 6 days ago
It depends if I am at work or signing a legal document.
Veronica said 7 days ago
Blue it’s a more relaxed colour
Nicole said 7 days ago
Blue mainly as that’s what I have at home.
JellyKat said a week ago
I used to write in purple, but work said it was the Auditor's, colour, so blue it is .
Fiona said a week ago
Traditionally green has always been the auditors colour - unusual for it to be purple.
Artie Pond 13 said a week ago
I tend to go for black as the refill ink in my good pens. However I do love the look of blue ink.
Pete said a week ago
Blue but oh not in these stupid PC times it is racist that I prefer blue ink over black ink? Lol
Susanna said a week ago
Black, it has more staying power.