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Which bank is better?

By Anonymous . Created on 03 May, 2019
If you absolutely had to, which one would you pick?
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Kellie said on May 26, 2019
Don't back with them!
braunhi said on May 27, 2019
Thanks Kellie for your message. They definitely have a tainted history I agree. Take care Kellie and enjoy your day. B.
Vanessa Byma said on May 26, 2019
Try building societies or credit union similar products with fantastic service
Anonymous said on May 25, 2019
Banked with Commonwealth my since Dollarmite days and they wouldn’t take a chance on me with my first personal loan. NAB gave me a shot and I never defaulted. Your loss Commonwealth as I’ll never go back to them - ever!
braunhi said on May 25, 2019
Thanks Sharman for your message. Sorry for the delay in responding. I do agree that once a bank does not give you the best service it is time to find another. In these days that is not hard to do. Indeed the CBA lost a good customer in you. Take care and enjoy your Sunday. B.
Anonymous said on May 9, 2019
Commonwealth Bank is my preferred especially with there Netbank technology.
Nicole said on May 9, 2019
Its just trusting
Anonymous said on May 9, 2019
Neither ... They put profits before people.
Marion said on May 9, 2019
I have been a CBA customer since my school days, (I am now 72) and would not change. I had a "society" account at NAB for 1 season of 23 weeks, when I was treasurer of a Tenpin Bowling League and vowed at the end of the season that I would never bank with them ever again. Every week, I deposited the money without a problem but at the end of the season when myself and the other 2 signatories went to withd...
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David said on May 7, 2019
would never use a big bank again. why pay their executives millions of dollars to be treated as a number. only use Bendigo Bank and Police Credit Union where friendly personal service and great rates