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Which do your kids prefer

By Julia . Created on 09 Feb, 2020
When it comes to a snack do your kids prefer Lamingtons Or Fairy Bread
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Fairy Bread

Fairy Bread

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Deborah said on Feb 15, 2020
Fairy bread
Jenny said on Feb 12, 2020
How about this one NO that one or whatever is on the table Oh yeah There is always "why aren't there any ------ " ?
LindaG said on Feb 11, 2020
Laminations are a favourite
Mrs said on Feb 11, 2020
Lamingtons, but that is probably because they are old enough to vote.
Thomas said on Feb 11, 2020
Don't have kids
Julia said on Feb 11, 2020
What do you prefer?
Rusty said on Feb 10, 2020
I couldn't decide so I got my brother to decide for me
Fairy Bread
Darren said on Feb 10, 2020
I love the fairy bread myself..
Fairy Bread
dramatick said on Feb 10, 2020
Fairy bread is always a fave! Coconut seems to be the great divider - you either love it or loathe it!