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Which do your kids prefer

By Julia . Created on 09 Feb, 2020
When it comes to a snack do your kids prefer Lamingtons Or Fairy Bread
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Fairy Bread

Fairy Bread

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Deborah said 4 days ago
Fairy bread
Jenny said 6 days ago
How about this one NO that one or whatever is on the table Oh yeah There is always "why aren't there any ------ " ?
LindaG said a week ago
Laminations are a favourite
Mrs said a week ago
Lamingtons, but that is probably because they are old enough to vote.
Thomas said a week ago
Don't have kids
Julia said a week ago
What do you prefer?
Rusty said a week ago
I couldn't decide so I got my brother to decide for me
Fairy Bread
Darren said a week ago
I love the fairy bread myself..
Fairy Bread
dramatick said a week ago
Fairy bread is always a fave! Coconut seems to be the great divider - you either love it or loathe it!