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Which is better; hard rock music or rock ballads?

By Capfantastic . Created on 25 Nov, 2020
Music 72 votes | 7 Comments
Rock music

Rock music

Rock ballads

Rock ballads

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Neil said 4 weeks ago
Ballards are much more easy to listen to
Rock music
Tina said on Dec 10, 2020
Capfantastic said on Dec 10, 2020
Rock music
Chanelle said on Dec 8, 2020
If I HAD TO choose right now, Rock Music. I love both though equally.. (Only if I HAD TO CHOOSE!!) Personally, I feel with rock ballads, your mood is set for you. With rock MUSIC, as a whole, you decide your mood as a song is played.
Capfantastic said on Dec 8, 2020
Interesting perspective. I never thought about it like that. Thanks for posting and have a happy Christmas.
Rock ballads
Ecartar said on Nov 28, 2020
Loved hard rock in my 20s/30, now in my twilight years softer rock ballad,s suit better. Saying that I still listen to a lot of music from the 60s & 70s.
Capfantastic said on Nov 29, 2020
Yes. I think ballads reflect my somber mood in 2020. Thanks for posting.
mumandnan said on Nov 25, 2020
There are many different genres of music other than these two. I don't relate to any and yet music is a huge part of my life.
Capfantastic said on Nov 25, 2020
Yes I don’t relate to the classification either. Labels have no meaning. So we are agreed on that.
Rock ballads
Mrs said on Nov 26, 2020
I find I like some of most music. And none of very little music. So I get where you are both coming from.
Rock music
PM said on Nov 25, 2020
Both have their classics, depends on your taste in music I guess. Brilliant examples being "Stairway to Heaven" (ballad) vs Guns n' Roses "Welcome to the Jungle" or "Black Sabbath's" "Paranoid". Oh so many!
Capfantastic said on Nov 25, 2020
Yes. But if you had to choose, right now....
Rock music
ChrisWho said on Nov 25, 2020
There are only types of bad music - country and western.
Capfantastic said on Nov 25, 2020
Oh I don’t know, a little bit of country can tickle my fancy.