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Which is it? Potato Cakes or Potato Scallops!

By Andrea . Created on 28 Apr, 2021
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Potato Cakes

Potato Cakes

Potato Scallops.

Potato Scallops.

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Marion said 5 days ago
Depends on which state you are in.. Many years ago, I moved (temporarily) from NSW to Victoria.. I went to the local Take-Away and asked for fish and 3 scallops.. Well yes, I almost got 3 scallops (yukky orange and white things) until the lady serving me, saw my look of horror.. She then asked me if I came from NSW, and upon my saying "yes .. why" she proceeded to cook me 3 potato cakes, telling me while I was in Vi...
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Potato Scallops.
Liam said a week ago
I was brought up on Potato Scallops
Kane said a week ago
Here in SA we call them Potato Fritters, as they're the same as any other 'fritter' - something which has been battered or breaded then deep-fried; like a Pineapple Fritter, or Banana Fritter, etc. <br/>A scallop is a seafood/mollusc, so that's really odd. <br/>And a cake - Potato Cake is traditionally made with left-over mash, same as Potato Bread.
Goanna said a week ago
I'm 67 living in Sydney and they've always been called potato scallops and they're delicious.
Potato Cakes
Peter said a week ago
All depends in which state you live
Potato Scallops.
Kirsty said a week ago
I was taught that its scollop🤦‍♀️😅
Potato Cakes
Linda said a week ago
I was raised in Victoria and knew Potato cakes and scallops were a shell fish. However, moved to Qld and asked for Potato cakes and received scallops. I think they should be cakes though or Potato patties or something as they are definitely not a seafood.
Potato Cakes
Tharren said a week ago
I am a Victoria it all about the potatoe cake