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Which one do you prefer to watch? Would you like to comment or recommend your choice of show ?

By Mae . Created on 06 Aug, 2020
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You Tube

You Tube



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You Tube
Gillie said 3 days ago
To much rubbish & Advertising, very bad news reporting.
Retiree said on Aug 17, 2020
how about those of us who prefer pursuits that will have a positive impact on our lives? We prefer reading, listening to music or if we watch TV it is ABC and SBS. We watch Utube informative videos e.g archaeology, history etc. Wont waste our time with rubbish.
mayoush said on Aug 12, 2020
Warren said on Aug 10, 2020
JellyKat said on Aug 7, 2020
I'm a fan of many shows and enjoy the change in series from one season to another and then watch the next chapter, then I don't get sick of the same show and enjoy it more when it comes back to finish off the cliffhanger episode.
Thomas said on Aug 7, 2020
I like to watch it with my wife. We enjoy a bottle wine while watching.
Mrs said on Aug 6, 2020
Depends on whats on the TV. Not many programs interest me. But neither does a lot of what is on YouTube. So both in small doses. Neither very much.
You Tube
Pauly said on Aug 6, 2020
Love watching it with the kids