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Which Supermarket Is Your Main Shop

By Maryana . Created on 06 Feb, 2019
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Julie said 9 hours ago
Woolies is cheaper on most products and their fresh produce is better too. The staff are generally nicer I find that Coles staff are rude and generally don't want to be there. I get money back on their card and save it up for the Christmas shop I've saved over $120 so Christmas food is almost for free! Woolies over coles anytime!!!
Paul said 1 day ago
Woolies has better yellowish lighting but also more pokies investment. So Coles for me. Pokies ruin too many lives- rip-off.
Robert said a week ago
I like Woolies but I have to travel to get to one of their stores, whereas I can walk to my local Coles in just a minute or two. Thereby saving fuel, bus fares and, though I am no fanatic I simply belive we should all do our own little bit to combat Climate Change and Emissions - even if Humans are proven not to have any responsibility for either (they won't be) but isn't it just common sense to avoid putt...
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Grant said a week ago
Can't get any Coles vouchers anymore, so Woolworths
Anonymous119 said a week ago
Neither store available here
Candy said a week ago
switched to coles
Sylviad said a week ago
Iga it’s in walking time
Phil said a week ago