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Which Supermarket Is Your Main Shop

By Maryana . Created on 06 Feb, 2019
Lifestyle 328 votes | 20 Comments




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Robyn said on Mar 13, 2019
I shop at Coles all the time. I’m happy with the Prices and Quality. I also have Flybuys
Mustangsally said on Mar 12, 2019
Leone said on Feb 20, 2019
Woolworths we don’t have Coles in Ararat Vic
Jules said on Feb 19, 2019
Woolies is cheaper on most products and their fresh produce is better too. The staff are generally nicer I find that Coles staff are rude and generally don't want to be there. I get money back on their card and save it up for the Christmas shop I've saved over $120 so Christmas food is almost for free! Woolies over coles anytime!!!
Anonymous said on Feb 18, 2019
Woolies has better yellowish lighting but also more pokies investment. So Coles for me. Pokies ruin too many lives- rip-off.
Robert said on Feb 9, 2019
I like Woolies but I have to travel to get to one of their stores, whereas I can walk to my local Coles in just a minute or two. Thereby saving fuel, bus fares and, though I am no fanatic I simply belive we should all do our own little bit to combat Climate Change and Emissions - even if Humans are proven not to have any responsibility for either (they won't be) but isn't it just common sense to avoid putt...
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Grant said on Feb 9, 2019
Can't get any Coles vouchers anymore, so Woolworths
Anonymous119 said on Feb 8, 2019
Neither store available here