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Who can't wait to go back how we lived life prior COVID?

By Glenda . Created on 20 Feb, 2021
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Kelly said 2 days ago
I work in the community and people I visit care for have deteriorated since being inside
JellyKat said 5 days ago
My reason for saying this is less crowding in places. I have a problem with crowds.
Glenn said 6 days ago
The risk will remain until the vaccine is proven
Mrs said 6 days ago
I wish I could agree with you. But as this is a "flu like virus" it will continue to mutate for many years. So life will not go completely back to what it was anytime in the forseeable future.
lovequilts said 6 days ago
I think things will never be completely the same and I must admit I have enjoyed not being so crowded by people around
KoKo Black said 7 days ago
I think this will be a "new normal" for now..
Paul said 7 days ago
Things will never be the same, they may get better once all the negativity created has waned.
Kate said a week ago
I love the social distancing and the free hand sanitiser everywhere in public. I cant stand strangers in my personal space. I love being able to clean my hands everywhere. I have not had any colds or flu for ages now.
Mrs said a week ago
Hospitals Aussie wide are reporting less flu admissions.
Linda said 5 days ago
I think due to travel restrictions the flu virus did not arrive on our shores or if it did due to social distancing and people washing their hands more often it just did not get a hold. Hope people continue with basic hygiene
Frank said a week ago
I think it’s too much of a risk until we prove the vaccines are effective