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Who do you want the next King of England to be?

By Glenda . Created on 09 Apr, 2021
When the Queens passes, who do you want the next King of England to be?
Current Affairs 329 votes | 52 Comments
Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Prince William

Prince William

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Prince William
Sheralee Ann said a week ago
It’s seems suitable for Prince William to take over the throne, he has an advantage by being younger.
Prince William
Emilia said a week ago
William!!..Duch and Duchess of Cambridge, perfect couple for the Monarchy!
Prince Charles
Liam said a week ago
Law of Succession applies here, unless Prince Charles Declines it.
Natasha said 3 weeks ago
william hes young
Prince William
Sherrynne said 3 weeks ago
William will a better choice
Prince William
Barbara said 3 weeks ago
William would be a much better King has a wife who will help in every way and us more like the Queen in his thinking
Diane said 3 weeks ago
Charles can keep the throne warm for William as far as I am concerned.
Olivia said 4 weeks ago
It's not a contest - Charles is the rightful heir to the throne when the Queen dies, followed by William, George, Charlotte, Louis, Harry and Archie becomes sixth in line to the throne.