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Who is enjoying Melbourne’s freezing weather?

By GPT . Created on 15 Jul, 2019
Lifestyle 188 votes | 4 Comments
Nope, bring back summer please! Over it

Nope, bring back summer please! Over it

Yes, I love it!

Yes, I love it!

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Trudy said on Jul 17, 2019
I love the cold weather I like to cosy up in bed and watch tv next to the fire
Veronica said on Jul 16, 2019
So glad I live in Qld!!
James Poteri said on Jul 16, 2019
Not now, I am in Brisbane. But we are experiencing the coldest days in msny many years. LOVE SUMNER!!!
Yes, I love it!
Anthony said on Jul 15, 2019
We need cold weather to enjoy the blistering hot summers.
We need the rain to keep the gardens green, the water flowing and the animals living.
The cold weather is good for some and not so for others, however in order for the world to work we still require the seasons