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Who well win next aussie elction

By Grant . Created on 15 Apr, 2021
Which party well win the next aussie election labor or lnp
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Yvonne said 4 weeks ago
I sincerely hope we can get rid of the neo-liberal Govt. How they can ignore the scientists' warning re climate change is absolutely incredible. I also do not like their policy of locking up refugees for years. This Govt. has absolutely no compassion whatsoever.
Roger said 4 weeks ago
There is really no one in Labor capable of leading or doing. All they seem to be good at is starting inane, irrelevant arguments.
Ecartar said 4 weeks ago
This country badly needs to go to 'first past the post' voting and at the same time have a viable 3rd party or independents.
Lorraine said 4 weeks ago
After the recent debacle in WA with one person attaining a seat with just 98 votes and who at the time was living and working in Seattle USA, I would like to see "first past the post" and do away with preferences!
Ted said 4 weeks ago
It is about high damned bloody time to ditch this corrupt two party preferred voting system. It just perpetuates this stinking duopoly/tyranny. Lieberal or liebor, some choice! They are just different ends of the same stinking turd.
Sisiradonald said 4 weeks ago
Judith said 4 weeks ago
They just seem to be doing a better job
Kenneth said 4 weeks ago
Our internal political differences will seem pretty insignificant if Xi continues to push the expansion of Communist China, by trying to take over Taiwan or expand into the Philipines Area. <br/>Biden is perceived as a weak president, not up to the job, and this is acting as an incentive for China to push harder than is prudent. As PM observed below these are interesting times, but possibly more accu...
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