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Why now these days most of people are in rush from the roundbout? True or not?

By Anonymous . Created on 09 Feb, 2020
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Mrs said on Feb 11, 2020
Approach the roundabout at a slightly reduced speed, while observing the traffic. Remember the 1st to the roundabout goes 1st, if less than 2 car lengths rule. And the give way to the right if similar timing rule.
Chris said on Feb 10, 2020
More to the point, Why don't drivers look ahead at roundabouts? The idea of them is to allow traffic to flow naturally. If you slow down and observe the traffic, very often, you can keep going and blend in with traffic. Please don't be a numpty by driving up to a roundabout, stop, THEN look! Drives me mad!
Robert said on Feb 9, 2020
This question makes no sense to me. Therefor I can't answer it.