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Will the coronavirus impact the economy? πŸ§πŸ“‰πŸ“Š

By MyView team . Created on 27 Feb, 2020
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Neelam said 7 days ago
It has already effected economic crisis will effect the global market everyone is scared
Guesswho said 4 weeks ago
Everyone will b to scared they will catch it
Patricia said 4 weeks ago
Global problem,ignored by too many. Why has it suddenly appeared at a time of financial stress for many countries.
sam said 4 weeks ago
it already has.
Mrs said 4 weeks ago
Just within 100kms of where I live, I can name numerous businesses that have had to downsize employees. Why? Because the Chinese are not buying the rock lobsters (over 50% downturn in purchasing, so less work for packers, and most fishermen not going out to fish so little work for deckies, and millions of $$ not coming into an already slow economy) The Chinese tourists have stopped coming, so few flights over the P...
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Jennifer said on Mar 1, 2020
All sorts of economies will be affected - especially anything to do with travel and transport, I would imagine.
Shilanie said on Mar 1, 2020
It’s already affecting our economy.
Sherrynne said on Mar 1, 2020
Because people panic because of media reports and dont do what they normally do