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Will you be following the NRL in 2019?

By Mark . Created on 10 Jan, 2019
NRL games kick off on March 14 2019. Will you be following it?
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Leanne said 4 days ago
Can I add a HELL NO.
derosa17 said 5 days ago
Yes, of course I'll be watching. The NRL is a classic and traditional sport in Australia so why not support it?
Debra said 5 days ago
Don’t really know understand the rules even though they have been explained to me over and over again.
Geoffrey said 6 days ago
Clean up the players of the field
Bill+C said 6 days ago
Ive said yes here but that could change at anytime.
Shane said a week ago
NRL lost its way in the 90's too many rules and regulations ruining the game these days. biggest example is the scrum, why even bother doing them anymore? if the opposing team gets the ball they have to do it all over no challenge for the ball anymore which is what it was all about.
Margaret said a week ago
Wendy said a week ago
You bet