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Will you be getting the COVID-19 vaccination

By lilmrazzy . Created on 04 May, 2021
If there was an opportunity would you accept or decline
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Deirdrie said 3 days ago
Not until I can have something other than AstraZeneca. Offer me an mRNA vaccine and I'm there ASAP
PM said 1 day ago
Appears your wish is granted. The Federal Government has secured additional Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Both I believe use mRNA technology.
Marion said 5 days ago
I am 74 and have already had the 1st shot.
Glenys said 5 days ago
Probably, but only when I can get the Pfizer one. Even though there haven't been a lot of problems with the Astra Zenica, I have my doubts about it.
Judith said 6 days ago
Yes when it is available for my age group.
ddorrian said 6 days ago
I've had the first one recently.
Emily said 6 days ago
Waiting for my second dose due in July
Ligi said 7 days ago
yes but later through out the year.
Richard said a week ago
A good example of this deficiency is the fact that all Health Workers and Security etc etc were not given any doses as compulsory. <br/>What a joke......did "they" not believe in the system either??
Mrs said 5 days ago
The Pfizer is not available in some locations and as many of the security people in particular are in the under 35 group this is aparently why they have not yet had the jab.