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Will you buy Australian made and grown over imported?

By Bradley . Created on 11 Sep, 2019
Will you choose to buy Australian made and grown products over imported goods to help support Australian industries?
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Australian made & grown

Australian made & grown



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Janelle said 3 days ago
All Australian except cotton - too much water usage and pesticides.
Hans Proebsting said 3 days ago
Yes, unless not available, which is becoming increasingly and annoyingly common.
Australian made & grown
braunhi said 3 days ago
Yes when I can.
Stevie V said 4 days ago
Will always choose Australian Made when the product is of the same or better quality. Sometimes the imported product is better - why support a local Australian manufacturer when the product is of inferior quality ... you are only supporting poor manufacturing performance.!
Australian made & grown
Usernamtakn47 said 4 days ago
Yes of course
Australian made & grown
Sarah-Maria said 4 days ago
Definitely Australian made where I can.
Donna-Marie said 4 days ago
aussie everytime
Tania said 5 days ago
definately aussie made