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Will you buy Australian made and grown over imported?

By Bradley . Created on 11 Sep, 2019
Will you choose to buy Australian made and grown products over imported goods to help support Australian industries?
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Australian made & grown

Australian made & grown



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Australian made & grown
Belinda said on Oct 23, 2019
Made in Australia mate. Support the Aussies in employment ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž
Australian made & grown
Lil said on Sep 27, 2019
australian made grown or owned to help keep people and profits in australia
Australian made & grown
Tulia said on Sep 23, 2019
local products are best!
Australian made & grown
JellyKat said on Sep 23, 2019
I check and make this choice when I can , but I always buy local food products.
Australian made & grown
Sandra said on Sep 21, 2019
Australian if possible and when purchasing fruit & veg if the product is not Australian grown then I don't need it. Will wait for it to be in season.
Australian made & grown
braunhi said on Sep 21, 2019
Thanks for your message Sandra. I couldn't agree more as far the fruit and vegies go. We need to help our farmers. Take care and have a great weekend. B.
Australian made & grown
Anonymous said on Sep 19, 2019
aussie all the way
Janelle said on Sep 15, 2019
All Australian except cotton - too much water usage and pesticides.
Hans Proebsting said on Sep 15, 2019
Yes, unless not available, which is becoming increasingly and annoyingly common.