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Will you continue to be vigilant and mindful of hygiene and germs post corona virus when its over

By lisa1963 . Created on 19 May, 2020
Will your hygiene habits, hand washing and use of hand sanitiser continue to be as important and regular as during the corona virus pandemic once its over will you continue to be mindful and proactive in your approach to germs and potential contact with viruses germs etc when outside the home eg..at work at the shops on public transport etc?
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Not really

Not really

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dorford said a week ago
It's so important .
Mrs said 3 weeks ago
Have always been fairly dilgent with handwashing. But have upped it a notch. Will just keep it up that notch.
Mooty said 3 weeks ago
remember to keep your distance
Brenda said 3 weeks ago
Yes of course because one thing is for certain, the truth about how and where this super bug originated will never be told, so if we don’t look after ourselves we will leave ourselves wide open for many more.. and something tells me that this is just the beginning of things to come.
Renee said 3 weeks ago
yes I most certainly will if covid-19 has taught me anything its you cant always see what can seriously harm you and you can never be too careful!