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Will you help the people affected by the fire in Queensland?

By arthwip . Created on 10 Sep, 2019
Some people has lost their house and properties, so may need some people to help to build a new house
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Belinda said on Oct 23, 2019
I am struggling myself so sorry it's a no
Tulia said on Sep 23, 2019
whatever little donation is helpful to our fellow Queenslanders!
James Ringhoff said on Sep 11, 2019
QLD did not help me when I had a major fire. I was left on my own!
Mr White said on Sep 10, 2019
Yes & No - a little strapped
as I already donate to saving the planet & the animals,
tis unfortunate, just hope they are adequately insured.....
Diane said on Sep 10, 2019
All I can do at my age is donate goods, I wish I could do a lot more, sadly I think this Summer is going to be "hell on earth" here in Qld.
Debbie said on Sep 10, 2019
Yes even if they have insurance they still need a helping hand.
Patricia said on Sep 10, 2019
Everyone should have insurance it should be mandatory.
Bugzy said on Sep 12, 2019
For most people that can afford it then yes. to those less fortunate this can be a complete nightmare.
Lenv said on Sep 13, 2019
Mandatory things shouldn't rely on people having a nice enough income. People with low incomes are affected by fires too.
Shirley said on Sep 10, 2019
yes if they are sensible they will have insurance