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Will you help the people affected by the fire in Queensland?

By arthwip . Created on 10 Sep, 2019
Some people has lost their house and properties, so may need some people to help to build a new house
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James Ringhoff said 7 days ago
QLD did not help me when I had a major fire. I was left on my own!
Mr White said 7 days ago
Yes & No - a little strapped
as I already donate to saving the planet & the animals,
tis unfortunate, just hope they are adequately insured.....
Diane said 7 days ago
All I can do at my age is donate goods, I wish I could do a lot more, sadly I think this Summer is going to be "hell on earth" here in Qld.
Debbie said a week ago
Yes even if they have insurance they still need a helping hand.
Patricia said a week ago
Everyone should have insurance it should be mandatory.
Bugzy said 5 days ago
For most people that can afford it then yes. to those less fortunate this can be a complete nightmare.
Lenv said 4 days ago
Mandatory things shouldn't rely on people having a nice enough income. People with low incomes are affected by fires too.
Shirley said a week ago
yes if they are sensible they will have insurance
Grant said a week ago
They should phone their insurance company !!!