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Will you travel in 2020 once restrictions are lifted?

By Sue Kanj . Created on 31 May, 2020
Travel and Tourism 117 votes | 8 Comments


No way

No way

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No way
Aaron+Nolan said on Jul 22, 2020
If there is any money left in the economy to travel? Maybe?
Kristina said on Jun 20, 2020
Can’t wait
JellyKat said on Jun 14, 2020
I only visit family interstate anyway, can afford overseas, but I'm ok with my life.
Mooty said on Jun 8, 2020
I don't travel as I get travel sick
Diane said on Jun 6, 2020
Yes with a proviso, as things will change forever now, would prefer to stay on the Island of Aus though!!!
TC said on Jun 5, 2020
Travel locally within my own State, yes and maybe in several weeks to an adjoining State (providing those which are currently closed are re-opened).
To expand my travel abroad however, will take some time & when I do the places selected will have to be virus FREE, reasonably close by and consistent with my values.
No way
Anonymous said on Jun 2, 2020
Wasn't travelling before ... so no change really.
Mrs said on Jun 2, 2020
Maybe to the city next month.