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With tattoos or without tattoos?

By Onat . Created on 21 Aug, 2019
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Anita Maher said 1 day ago
I feel you see so many pretty girls and they are covered in these all down their arms , or their backs and legs. Just so sad. What happens when they age and their skin wrinkles. Yuk
braunhi said 7 hours ago
Thanks for your message Anita. I do agree with what you say. Funnily enough have just come back from the shopping centre and there was this absolutely stunning girl covered in tattoos. Indeed when one ages it looks awful. Take care and enjoy your weekend. B.
Garry said 4 days ago
Hans Proebsting said 7 days ago
Depends entirely on the tattoo. I've seen some works of art, and others done by a butcher.
Alan said a week ago
It's a big commitment to place something permanent on your body. Good tattoos can be an art form...poor ones look horrible. Tattoos that are meaningful to you, can be important...which really increases the need for them to be done by talented artists. I've seen some beautiful work but unfortunately, whilst they can look great and can be a fashion/art statement, they don't change...apart from their col...
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braunhi said a week ago
Alan thanks for your message. A very articulate reply. Take care and enjoy your day. B.
Robyn said a week ago
To each his own, but I prefer beautiful clear skin. They look awful on elderly people.Most people don’t realise how wrinkly skin gets when you get old. (Speaking from experience here)
ROBBO said 3 weeks ago
Makes women look like cheap prostitutes!
Margie said 3 weeks ago
Great when you are young, daggy when you get older
braunhi said 3 weeks ago
Margie thanks for your message. My sentiments exactly. Take care. B.
Arls 57 said 4 weeks ago