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Would you care for an Australian native animal in need

By Carla . Created on 12 Apr, 2019
Would you do a short course that allowed you to care for a native Australian animal in need
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Hans Proebsting said 6 days ago
I was a wildlife carer until recently, so a definite yes for me. It is a rewarding task, but must be done properly for the sake of the animal.
Tracey said 6 days ago
Yes I would care for a native animal in need
Wends said 6 days ago
that includes dingoes .......they were here long before we arrived
Gary said 7 days ago
for sure they have as much right as we have.
Daniel said 7 days ago
8 Days A Week
Maree said 7 days ago
Yes I course I would, like B without hesitation. I love our native animals and I would look after any animal. They are easy to look after. Easier than human's at least they listen and don't talk back. M..
Robyn said 7 days ago
yes if I knew exactly what to do to give them the correct care
braunhi said a week ago
Without hesitation. We would welcome them into our home. My hubby would look after them very well as would my daughter. I would supervise.