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Would you care for an Australian native animal in need

By Carla . Created on 12 Apr, 2019
Would you do a short course that allowed you to care for a native Australian animal in need
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Hans Proebsting said on Apr 14, 2019
I was a wildlife carer until recently, so a definite yes for me. It is a rewarding task, but must be done properly for the sake of the animal.
Tracey said on Apr 14, 2019
Yes I would care for a native animal in need
Wends said on Apr 14, 2019
that includes dingoes .......they were here long before we arrived
Gary said on Apr 13, 2019
for sure they have as much right as we have.
Daniel said on Apr 13, 2019
8 Days A Week
Maree said on Apr 13, 2019
Yes I course I would, like B without hesitation. I love our native animals and I would look after any animal. They are easy to look after. Easier than human's at least they listen and don't talk back. M..
Robyn said on Apr 13, 2019
yes if I knew exactly what to do to give them the correct care
braunhi said on Apr 13, 2019
Without hesitation. We would welcome them into our home. My hubby would look after them very well as would my daughter. I would supervise.