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Would you live without your mobile phone?

By Anonymous . Created on 30 Oct, 2019
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Jennifer said on Nov 8, 2019
Mobile phone call rates are cheaper to run a landline these days. Whether you just run a land line or just a mobile, you'll always be contactable 24/7. At least you can put a mobile on silent. A landline, you need to take it off the hook so it doesn't ring.
Pamela said on Nov 7, 2019
I only use mine in an emergency
West Swan said on Nov 4, 2019
I have an emergency flip phone I only turn on if the landline goes down or for those silly companies that force you to have a mobile number e.g. uber eats. In that case I turn the phone on, confirm any code sent to me and then turn the sucker off again.

At my location the sound quality from my home (NBN) phone is almost a...
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Anonymous said on Nov 4, 2019
mobile phones have become another obsession and we have so much technology that we are surrounded by wifi all day every day which is so very bad for our health especially to little children and we wonder why there are so many cancers around well one reason is wifi. it affects our brains and flesh even down to our DNA.
Vicki said on Nov 2, 2019
I only use it when necessary. Appreciate the safety factor though.
Stevie V said on Oct 31, 2019
Get rid of the mobile phone .... caused an increase in working hours, increased stress and more than likely - increase divorce rates!! Mobile phones = the bane of our existence!!
Marilyn said on Oct 31, 2019
I know I can live without a mobile phone as I have never purchased one and don't intend to unless required for a future job.
Mrs said on Nov 1, 2019
You and me both. Obviously we have a life. And no risk of needing urgent help in case of a fall, which is the only reason I can think of for getting one..
534352393X said on Oct 31, 2019
I would live without a mobile phone, as it is not required to sustain life.
I think the question should of been worded differently