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Would you rather be Rich or Famous?

By 534352393X . Created on 10 Jul, 2019
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Paul said 3 days ago
I think fame brings wealth also, however I would rather just be wealthy if I had to be one of them.
braunhi said 2 days ago
Thanks Paul and indeed fame does bring wealth. Take care and enjoy your week. B.
Frankey said 6 days ago
I like my privacy too much. Id rather be a rich philanthropist
Lisa said 6 days ago
Money fame means people are watching everything you do all the time with money you can change the world
Millykol said 7 days ago
coming from a low-income family I wouldn't like to be either but I would rather be rich comfy like enough money to pay for bills food and clothing with a few fun days out now and then without having to worry about bills
Jay said 7 days ago
Don't care if people like me but think of the crazy opportunity's you would have being rich
James said 7 days ago
Rich is best, and to help the needy!
Christine G said a week ago
I've always been in the low income side I would prefer to be at the point where I was comfortable
braunhi said 7 days ago
Thanks Christine for your message. I do agree to live comfortably would be a wonderful thing and I do hope that you achieve this some day. Take care. B.
Kate said a week ago
Rich doesn’t have to be financially rich either ❤️