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Would you rather be the funniest or the smartest person in the room?

By Jay . Created on 30 Jun, 2020
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Speccyiiii said 5 days ago
Depends on the room...
KeenSurveyTaker said 7 days ago
That’s a good question.

I mean some people would give backlash if one is the smartest in the room out of jealously perhaps but I’m sure everyone or almost everyone would love the funny guy in the room as they get a laugh out of them. For me though perhaps the smartest which I doubt I have ever had the ...
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Mrs said 6 days ago
You are right about the nastiness to very smart people. Watch your child dux a 300 strong year group at high school, then watch how some people treat her.
JellyKat said a week ago
Neither... I would rather be friendly and approachable.
Mrs said a week ago
Good thinking.
Mrs said a week ago
Can I be the 2nd smartest and the 2nd funniest? Overall that is better. Yes I am being a Smartie.
TC said a week ago
The problem with the "smartest" perceived person in the room, is that there is always someone smarter.
As to the funniest, who cares, just be sure that when the occasion arises, you have the ability to laugh at yourself.