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Would you rather get paid in cash or get paid into your account

By Jim . Created on 27 Aug, 2019
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Bank account

Bank account

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Mrs said a week ago
We are both paid by direct debit into the bank, him monthly me fortnightly. But not a problem either way if you know how to budget.
Bank account
Robert said 3 weeks ago
Easier to manage once it's in the bank.
Bank account
braunhi said a week ago
Robert thanks for your message. I too find it much easier to manage. Take care. B.
Matthew said 3 weeks ago
I'd prefer cash as no extra cost and also in case bank is closed or and ATM isn't available and also incase one of my family/friends need cash instant. Prefer to put in my safe as more cheaper and easy to accumulate without getting monthly fees.
Alan said 3 weeks ago
I don't see the difference - if you need cash use an ATM.
flying747 said 3 weeks ago
Banks are better as long as the fees are low. Always good to have cash though as a lot of smaller business rely on instant cash flow to get produce at better rates
Marilyn said 3 weeks ago
Always been paid by bank and happy to continue.
Gareth said 3 weeks ago
Bank Ta Very Much
Bank account
braunhi said 3 weeks ago
Gareth thanks for your message and I agree. Enjoy your day and take care. B.
Bank account
Tania said 3 weeks ago
Bank as easier and dont like holding cash
Bank account
braunhi said 3 weeks ago
Thanks for your message Tania. I too do not like holding cash these days. Take care and enjoy your day. B.