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Would you rather get paid in cash or get paid into your account

By Jim . Created on 27 Aug, 2019
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Bank account

Bank account

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Bank account
MissJessone said on Dec 23, 2019
In my account so I can pay my bills...
Bank account
Thomas said on Nov 10, 2019
Cash is cash. Who cares.
Mrs said on Sep 4, 2019
We are both paid by direct debit into the bank, him monthly me fortnightly. But not a problem either way if you know how to budget.
Bank account
Robert said on Sep 2, 2019
Easier to manage once it's in the bank.
Bank account
braunhi said on Sep 4, 2019
Robert thanks for your message. I too find it much easier to manage. Take care. B.
Matthew said on Aug 30, 2019
I'd prefer cash as no extra cost and also in case bank is closed or and ATM isn't available and also incase one of my family/friends need cash instant. Prefer to put in my safe as more cheaper and easy to accumulate without getting monthly fees.
Alan said on Aug 30, 2019
I don't see the difference - if you need cash use an ATM.
Brad M said on Aug 29, 2019
Banks are better as long as the fees are low. Always good to have cash though as a lot of smaller business rely on instant cash flow to get produce at better rates
Marilyn said on Aug 29, 2019
Always been paid by bank and happy to continue.