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Would you rather live in a cave or a tree house?

By Anonymous . Created on 19 Dec, 2018
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Tree House

Tree House

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Mustangsally said on Mar 12, 2019
Dont think either would be that stable 😂
Tree House
braunhi said on Jan 22, 2019
Tree house I was never given one in my deprived childhood so would like to give it a go. Just think of the quiet. Preferably with no landline to get rid of those annoying sales people. Of course it would have to have a magnificent view.
Tree House
Bev said on Jan 9, 2019
Saw a TV program - tree houses are becoming popular in the USA and they're not cheap!
Tree House
Anonymous said on Dec 27, 2018
Tree House, with a ladder that you can operate up/down only by your personal remote control.
That will stop Door to Door Sales persons or religious canvassers.
SereneBee said on Dec 23, 2018
I need to sleep in a cave - the darker the better~~~
Tree House
Bonnie 57 said on Dec 23, 2018
Tree house, always wanted a tree house.... deprived childhood !!
Tree House
Kelvin said on Dec 22, 2018
Tree house oh yeah
Rosemary said on Dec 21, 2018
A treehouse. The water could flow into the cave and trap you in there or ev en worse drown you.