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Would you rather live without music or without TV?

By 534352393X . Created on 10 Jul, 2019
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Anonymous said on Aug 2, 2019
Live without TV
Daniel said on Jul 28, 2019
I listen to music much more than watching TV
Flipper said on Jul 24, 2019
Music is much more important to me.
Madeleine said on Jul 16, 2019
You can listen to music on the TV but you can't watch TV on a boom box
Anonymous said on Jul 12, 2019
I'm a huge music fan and only get headaches from watching all the crap on TV
Frankey said on Jul 12, 2019
Music = breathing.
I just dont understand the kind of people who dont listen to music
Anonymous said on Jul 11, 2019
Without music, just impossible!!!
Jay said on Jul 11, 2019
I think I'd go insane if I had to live without music, even if its only on to stop me talking to myself