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YouTube Or Twitch

By WeirdPineapple . Created on 26 Jan, 2020
Which one do you prefer?
Internet 190 votes | 12 Comments




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Maureen said on Feb 1, 2020
I don't actively seek out YouTube, but if an OverSixty or Facebook site and story redirects me to a YouTube video, then I sometimes watch it.
Anonymous said on Jan 31, 2020
Twitch is ok but it's mainly for game streaming so I like YouTube for the fact is a whole bunch of different videos and that is good for me as I change my likes on videos alot so what I'm am saying is that I rather youtube
Bev said on Jan 31, 2020
What is Twitch?
Speccyiiii said on Jan 30, 2020
Never heard of Twitch
Anonymous said on Jan 30, 2020
you tube rocks
AJROSE said on Jan 29, 2020
i never heard of twitch but after having a look it seems its more of a gamer thing.
Darren said on Jan 29, 2020
Never heard of Twitch.
Riarna said on Jan 28, 2020
YouTube is better