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Alan voted on the poll Are you.....?
Star Trek
09 Dec, 2019 Vote
Alan commented on the poll Do you believe in a Diety/God?
No, not a god who sits in 'his' heaven and reigns down his judgement upon everyone. I believe that I am part of a 'life-force' that permeates everything on our planet, which is also part of the universe. That I am a part of the same thing that all else is derived from. Energy, essence, being, or whatever the term we try to use to describe it, it runs through everything and connects us all. It is part of what Freud described as the Eros/Thanatos - life/death instinct - force but I think goes much further than this.
07 Nov, 2019 Comment
We have them and I think they're a great was to reduce our carbon footprint, as well as helping us to be more energy efficient and ultimately reduce the cost of our electricity. I think the rebate for our green energy going onto the grid could be better supported by offering better monetary deals. Regarding the question, I don't think it should be compulsory...but it could be an offered option to inform people about the savings they could be making and helping the environment etc. Also, other alternate energy options could also be considered at that time.
07 Nov, 2019 Comment
yes...but I doubt they will. There are many who still believe whilst there might be a measurable climate change, it has nothing to do with humankind. Just ask the people in New Deli whether their smog is caused by Mother Nature.
06 Nov, 2019 Comment
06 Nov, 2019 Comment