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I don't know where to start and frankly I don't think you'd really want to know. Better forgotten!!!!
09 May, 2019 Comment
I honestly couldn't give a bugger!
07 May, 2019 Comment
Coming from a background of Military families it seems to have been a natural progression of generations who have fought in Australian conflicts. Both of my Great Grandfathers fought in the AIF in WW1 along with 4 Uncles, 3 of whom died on the Western Front. My Grandfathers fought in WW2 along with 2 Uncles. One Uncle (an officer) was beheaded by the Japanese and the other a POW was killed when the Americans inadvertently sunk the ship Montevideo Maru which was transporting them. My Dad was a Squadron leader in Vietnam and my brothers have both fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. So, yes. ANZAC day is indeed a significant day of both sombre reflection and pride for not only myself but my entire family.
26 Apr, 2019 Comment