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A poll is like a short, fun survey - well, as fun as you want it to be - that lets you know the opinion of other MyView members about any topic. The Rolling Stones or the Beatles? PC or Mac? Winter, summer, autumn or spring?

You can create as many polls as you want, about any topic. The only thing you need is a question, and two or more answers. Users can vote in your polls and also leave their comments. Check out the Polls most voted by the community!

In the Explore section (found at the top of each page) select "Create a poll". You first add your question and then click on the "Continue" button. Before that, you need to check that what you're about to publish hasn't already been published by others and confirm that your poll is a new one. Afterwards, you can start adding your poll options.

Besides the text you can also add pictures to your poll options (by selecting an image suggested, uploading a file or by inserting an URL). Next, you select the category and sub-category which best fit your poll. If you don't have any other changes you can click on the "Publish poll" button and your poll will be available for all other members of the MyView community.

All the Polls in the MyView community are created by users. Yes, real people like you! And since sometimes there may be doubts or differences of opinion, check out this set of recommendations:

- Do not use foul language - you can be funny, critical or even get angry but still talk politely

- Try to be original - always check that what you're about to publish hasn't already been published by others

- Just like in real life, we do not tolerate racism, prejudice, insults, promoting illegal and/or violent activities, terrorism, etc.

- We do not allow images of naked people or pornography; there are enough Internet sites for that.

- Do not write everything in capital letters or in small letters

- The Poll's title must be descriptive of the options and attract attention. If you put "Which one do you pick?" nobody will see it. It has to be something like "Who's the best football player of all times?" . Questions and answers that you insert as options must be linked. If you want to know, for example, "What dog breed do you like best?" the answers cannot be "Dog", "Dog" and "Cat". We recommend researching the topic before publishing so that you can be coherent, just like in a dialogue.

- Images must reflect the options in the Poll. It is funnier when the images for each option are good ones!

- Depending on the Polls, it is more interesting if you let people add options. Maybe you forgot a fantastic option and other users could add it for you spontaneously.

Comments must relate to the poll's topic. The best use for this feature is to explain your vote. You can agree and disagree with other members, but do NOT use foul language.

If you would like to change how often you receive emails about polls, go to your profile (top right corner of the page where your initial is), then select ‘settings’, then ‘email notifications’. From here you can choose which actions will result in you receiving an email.

Make sure your question is clear and provide enough options to answer the question. This might mean you need to include an ‘other’ option, or allow other people to add options to your poll. Avoid conflicting options, or two options that mean the same thing. Include pictures as this adds meaning and generates interest.