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Information such as age and gender are factors we use to select participants for our surveys. Without them, we are not able to ensure our results accurately reflect the demographic make-up of the country you live in.

We will never give your personal information to anyone outside of our company (including our clients). The information you provide is only used for research purposes, and to determine who is best suited for a survey. For more information on our privacy policy, click here.

A cookie is a small bit of information that is stored in a user's browser, often just a code that contains the server name and a generated string of unique text and numbers. Cookies are used to store information about what pages you have requested within that specific site (and only within that site). Any sites that need to "recognize" you without a password (such as a customized news reader, MyYahoo!, or other personalized sites) do so by storing the key to your profile as a cookie. Unless the visitor has specifically offered personal information already on the site (e.g., through a registration form), there is no way for a site to know more about that individual than the unique cookie code within that particular site. Cookies can be beneficial in research to determine where a respondent has "left off" in a survey if they wish to pick up again later and to help us provide your personalized information when you are signed in. For more information, you may also read our Privacy policy.