i-Say is available in United States.
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Open the page of the member you want to follow and then just click the green "Follow" button below their picture. After they approve your request you can follow their activity in the MyView community.

After a member clicks on the "Follow" button on your page you will receive a notification which lets you know that they want to follow your activity. You can accept their request or reject it if you don't want them to follow your activity.

In the "Profile" page you can see both the list of the users who are following your activity as well as the list of those you're following.

The only thing you have to do is go to the page of the user's profile (you can search for it in the 'Following' box in your own profile). Once on that friend's page, just click the red 'Unfollow' button below their picture. It's that easy! And if you make a mistake, you can ask again to be that person's friend by clicking the green button.